Additional Service

Purchase Prior Service

Members are eligible to purchase up to 5 years of service after accruing 5 years of creditable service. To learn more, head over to our Purchase Prior Service Page.

Gap Service

Reinstated members may be interested in purchasing the Gap of time for which they did not get credit. All buyback restrictions apply. Learn more on the Gap Service page.

Military Service

Active members of the Fund called into military service from their employment as a peace officer may be granted military service for FREE. Head over to the Military Service page to learn more.

Leave of Absence

A provision for Leave of Absence is made for members who are not yet vested with the minimum 10 years (joined before June 30, 2010) or 15 years (joined after July 1, 2010) of Fund participation required to draw the Pension. The fund must be notified within 90 days of leaving Law Enforcement and again within 30 days of returning to Law Enforcement. Learn more on the Leave of Absence Page.