Membership is limited to P.O.S.T. certified Law Enforcement Officers who are employed by the State of Georgia or any of its political subdivisions: whether by election or appointment, who devote their full time to such employment.

Examples: City or County Police Officers; Sheriffs and Deputies; Wardens and Correctional Officers of prisons or work camps for the state, county, or certain municipalities; Georgia State Patrol; G.B.I. Agents; Probation Officers; Conservation Officers; Alcohol Revenue Agents; and others who meet the requirements of Georgia Code 47-17-1.

Members of the POAB Fund accrue service as a Peace Officer to obtain a pension. For this reason, we need to know when you change jobs and/or agencies. Once a member has vested with the Fund, he or she will be eligible to draw a pension at retirement. Click here to read more about the Age and Service Requirements for Retirement with the POAB Fund.