Death Benefit

The death benefit is provided to the member's beneficiary. A beneficiary can be anyone the member chooses and can be changed at any time by completing and returning the Download this pdf file. Beneficiary of Death Benefits Designation form.

The amount provided to the beneficiary is determined by the stage of membership at the time of death. Please be aware that the below breakdown shows the single payment available to the beneficiary (you cannot receive more than one amount listed below).

Please also be aware that the below amounts are before a required 20% federal tax.

Active or Paid Up Death Benefit Breakdowns
Active member who has less than 5 years of service with the Fund $1,000.00
Active, Military (and vested) or Paid Up Member of the Fund (5+ years of service with Fund)  $3,500.00
Active Line-of-duty death (not restricted by service in the Fund) $5,500.00


Retiree Death Benefit Breakdown

(After a member has begun drawing retirement benefits, the death benefit is decreased by the amount received in retirement until they have received a total of $1,000.00 in pension from POAB)

Max benefit available to Retired member $3,500.00
   Minus retirement benefits received (up to $1,000.00) $1,000.00
Minimum benefit available to Retired member $2,500.00


The beneficiaries of members who pass away in a status of Inactive, Military (and not vested), or Leave of Absence will have the opportunity request a 95% refund of the dues required (any overpaid dues will be refunded at 100%). Please contact our office to discuss this.