Request a Refund of Dues

Refund of Overpayment

If a member overpays their dues, they may request a refund of the overpayment by submitting an Download this pdf file. Overpayment Refund Request Form .

Retiree Overpayment Refund

Retirees who have contributed more than the required dues amount will automatically receive a refund of overpaid dues. The payment of this refund will be issued approximately 30 days after the first pension payment is received by the member.

Refund of Contributions 

Before retirement, a member may withdraw their membership and request to receive a 95% refund of all dues paid into the Fund. Any interest or penalties paid are not refundable. There are two types of 95% refunds of which you should be informed:

  • If you take a refund while currently employed in an eligible position, you will not be eligible for active membership in the fund for 6 months after the refund. If you are to rejoin, any service credit accrued during the previous stint of active membership is forfeited.
  • If you take a refund while NOT currently employed in an eligible position, you are eligible to re-apply at any time. You may reclaim prior service (must be repaid [with interest] within 8 months of reemployment. Otherwise, the member may re-apply at any time, but the previous service is forfeited.

To request a refund, please complete the Refund Request according to the included instructions, and return the completed forms to our office by mail, email, or fax.

The Fund processes refunds upon receipt of the above requirements (approximately 7 to 10 business days).