Purchase Prior Service

Welcome to the Purchase Prior Service page for the POAB Fund. Here, you can find information about buying back prior law enforcement service time, which can contribute to your vesting requirements and enhance your retirement benefits.

What is Prior Service?

Prior service refers to the time eligible to be purchased for periods prior to becoming an active member of the POAB Fund. Members can purchase up to five years of prior law enforcement service, with the minimum allowable purchase being six months. This additional credit is limited to full-time, Georgia law enforcement service at a P.O.S.T. recognized agency.

Cost and Payment

  • Cost Calculation: The cost of the buyback is calculated at full actuarial cost by POAB Fund staff.
  • Payment: Payment for the calculated time is due by a predetermined due date and must be paid in a single lump sum.

How to Purchase Prior Service

  1. Request a Calculation: Contact the POAB Fund to request a calculation for purchasing prior service.
  2. Certification Form: Provide a completed Certification by Employing Agency form for any agencies not already in your file. (forms below).
  3. Payment: A lump-sum payment is required along with the completed paperwork.

Important Notes

  • All purchased prior service counts towards your vesting requirement.
  • Purchased prior service does not need to be matched.
  • Any service purchased prior to July 1, 2024, maintains the rules and requirements set in place at the time of purchase and for which the member certified their understanding by their signature. Service must be matched day-for-day to be considered creditable toward retirement. This service does not count toward vesting.

Effective May 5, 2021, the Board of Commissioners authorized a new buy back policy: Fund staff will only offer calculations for a minimum of 6 months of service.