Purchase Prior Service

Once you have been a POAB member for five years, you are eligible to purchase up to five years of prior law enforcement service, with the minimum allowable purchase being six months. Additional credit is limited to Full Time, Georgia Law Enforcement service. You must match the previous service being purchased with an equal amount of continuing eligible service to receive full credit. The amount of time purchased + 10% compounded interest from the ending date of the prior service to the due date of the payment determines the cost.

Effective May 5, 2021, the Board of Commissioners authorized a new buy back policy: Fund staff will only offer calculations for a minimum of 6 months of service. 

POAB Fund staff members figure the cost of the prior service.  Please contact us to request a calculation to purchase prior service. You will be required to provide a completed Certification by Employing Agency form for any agencies we do not already have in your file before we can calculate the purchase price. A lump sum payment is required with the completed paperwork.

Prior service does NOT count toward vesting. It adds to your creditable service once you are vested.