Leave of Absence

A provision for Leave of Absence is made for members who are not yet vested with the minimum 10 years (joined before June 30, 2010) or 15 years (joined after July 1, 2010) of Fund participation required to draw the Pension. The fund must be notified within 90 days of leaving Law Enforcement and again within 30 days of returning to Law Enforcement. The request must be in writing using the forms provided by our office (see downloads below) and include 2 copies of the "Request for Leave of Absence" Form and the "Certification by Employing Agency" Form. Once these forms are received, they are reviewed by the Board of Commissioners.

The member is required to pay monthly dues during the leave period which cannot exceed 12 months. Effective July 1, 2010, the member must return to law enforcement following the Leave of Absence and that Leave time must be matched upon the officer's return. No Death benefits or Disability benefits apply during the Leave of Absence.