Gap Service

Gap Service refers to the service for which a member was eligible to receive credit after joining the Fund but did not receive the credit because they are either terminated due to delinquent dues - OR - they did not inform POAB of their return to law enforcement after employment change within 8 months.

Members are eligible to purchase Gap Service if:

  • They are active members of the Fund
  • They have been a member of the Fund for 5 years
  • They have not previously purchased the maximum amount of five years

Please note that members must purchase a minimum of 6 months. The Fund requires a Certification by Employing Agency Form to verify service from the agency at which the member is buying back time.

POAB Fund staff members figure the cost of the Gap service. Please Contact Us to request a calculation to purchase Gap Service. A lump-sum payment is required with the completed paperwork.

Gap service does NOT count toward vesting. It adds to your creditable service once you are vested.