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47-17-60. Payments to the fund from fines and bonds collected in criminal and quasi-criminal cases; duty of collecting authority to record and remit sums collected; penalty for late payment.

(a) A portion of each fine collected and each bond forfeited and collected in any criminal or quasi-criminal case for violation of state statues, county ordinanaces, or municipal ordinances, which case is before any court or tribunal in this state, shall be paid to the secretary-treasurer according the following schedule:

(1) $3.00 for any fine or bond forfeiture of more than $4.00, but not more than $25.00;

(2) $4.00 for any fine or bond forfeiture of more than $25.00, but not more than $50.00;

(3) $5.00 for any fine or bond forfeiture of more than $50.00, but not more than $100.00;

(4) 5% of any fine or bond forfeiture fo more than $100.00.

For purposes of determining amounts to be paid to the secretary-treasurer, the amount of the fine or bond collected shall be deemed to include costs. The amounts provided for shall be paid to the secretary-treasurer before the payment of any costs or any claim whatsoever against such fine or forfeiture. The collecting authority shall pay such amounts to the secretary-treaurer on the first day of the month following that in which they were collected or a such other time as the board may provide. It shall be the duty of the collecting authority to keep accurate records of the amounts due the board so that the records may be audited or inspected at any time by any representataive of the board under its direction. Sums remitted to the secretary-treasurer under this Code section shall be used as provided for elsewhere in this chapter.

(b) If the collecting authority fails to remit such amounts within 60 days of the date on which such remittal is due, the same shall be delinquent, and there shall be imposed, in addition to the principal amount due, a secific penalty in the amount of 5% of the pinicipal amount per month for each month during which the funds continue to be delinquent, provided that such penalty shall not exceed 25% of the principal due. In addition to such penalty, interest shall be charged on deliquent amounts at the rate of 6% per annum from the date the funds become delinquent until they are paid. All funds due on or before April 1, 1966, and not paid shall be delinquent after the expiration of 60 days from that date. By affirmative vote of all members, the board, upon the payment of the delinquent funds together with interest and for good cause shown, may waive the specific penalty otherwise charged under this subsection.(Ga.L.1950,p.50; Ga.L.1953, Jan-Feb.Sess.,p.574; Ga.L.1956,p.280; Ga.L.1958,p.341; Ga.L.1959,p.330; Ga.L.1966,p.395; Ga.L.1970,p.93; Ga.L.1975, p.578; Ga.L.1987,p.475.)

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