Retirement Pension

The POAB Fund provides monthly benefits to all members who have met the requirements of retirement (outlined on our Age and Service Requirement page). The base rate for each year of creditable service is $24.78. To calculate your base rate pension amount (Single Life Option), we multiply the years and months of creditable service by the base rate amount.


  • 10 years X $24.78 = $247.80 per month
  • 18 1/2 years X $24.78 = $458.43 per month
  • 28 11/12 years X $24.78 = $716.56 per month
  • 30 years X $24.78 = $743.40 per month (Maximum)

At retirement, a member can choose to designate survivor benefits to a spouse. To learn more about Survivor options, head over to our Retirement Options page.

Retired officers with less than 30 years of POAB service credit are eligible to work in law enforcement no more than 1040 hours per year without it impacting his/her pension.

Should a retiree with less than 30 years of creditable service return to full-time law enforcement, the POAB pension will cease, and he/she must return to Active status and begin paying monthly dues while employed. You must work a minimum of three years to gain POAB service credit. When the member retires a second time, the pension will be adjusted to reflect the additional credit. The member will be responsible for getting the Certification by Employing Agency form completed by your agency and returned to us.