Retirement Options

Retirement Options:

Option 1 

Under this Option, there is no provision for continuing payment to a surviving spouse. At the death of the pensioner, their named beneficiary is entitled only to the death payment.

Option 2 - 100% Joint Life Annuity

When a member qualifies for retirement, provision may be made for the surviving spouse by taking a reduced amount of monthly pension. 

Option 3 - 50% Joint Life Annuity

This Option provides the same type of benefits as Option 2, except that the surviving spouse's pension will be reduced to half of the member's retirement payment. 

The amounts under Options 2, and 3 will be calculated so as to be actuarially equivalent to Option 1, and the ages of both member and spouse are required for this calculation. Under these options, the amount the retiree receives will continue to be paid to the surviving spouse for the remainder of their life. If the spouse predeceases the member or if there is a complete divorce, the retiree may revert to Option 1.

If the retiring member chooses Option 2 or 3, the spouse's date of birth must be verified by proof of birth papers and a marriage certificate is required.