Death Payment

Death Benefit Amounts Are Determined by the Stage of Membership at the Time of Death of the Member



If the member is killed in the line-of-duty as an Active member in the Fund, the member's beneficiary is entitled to this benefit. Line-of-Duty death is determined by the Agency for which the member worked at the time of death. This payment will be made regardless of years of service.

Not Line-of-Duty Death


For members who have been Active for more than 5 years or Vested Members

For members who passed away not in the line-of-duty with more than five years of creditable service, and had not yet retired with the Fund, beneficiaries will receive this amount.

Not Line-of-Duty Death


For Active Members who have less than 5 years

If the member has less than 5 years of membership, the beneficiary will receive a death benefit at this level.

Retiree Death 

$3,500.00 (max) - $2,500.00 (min)

After a member has begun drawing retirement benefits, the death payment (beginning at $3,500.00) decreases by the amount received in retirement until they have received a total of $1,000.00 in pension. After the retiree has received the first $1,000.00 in pension, the death payment remains at the $2,500.00 level.

The Death Benefit can be designated to whomever the member chooses. It does not have to be a blood relative. 

The member may change the designated beneficiary at any time, by completing and returning the form below.