Retiree Account Changes

It is the member’s responsibility to inform the Fund office of any changes.

Address Change: 

In the event that your banking information becomes invalid, our system will automatically issue a paper check. For this reason, it is very important that you keep your address up to date. You can request that our office update your address by submitting the Download this pdf file. Retirees - Notice of Change of Address  form.

Income Tax:

 Your pension IS SUBJECT to federal income tax and state income tax.

  • Tax elections must be provided in either a dollar amount or percentage. We do not currently have the option to calculate your taxability.
  • Tax withholdings can be changed at any time by completing an Download this pdf file. Income Tax Withholding Declaration Form  .

Direct Deposit: 

Direct Deposit is mandatory for all retirees. A voided check or letter from your banking institution (with the correct routing and account number) is required with your direct deposit form.  Your check will be electronically transferred to your bank account on the last banking day of each month. You may update your information by submitting a  Download this pdf file. Direct Deposit Form . Because we care about your security, our office will call to confirm all direct deposit change requests.

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