Dropped for Nonpayment

If you have been suspended from active membership for the nonpayment of dues, you will have the opportunity to reinstate your account to Active Membership. Members have 8 months from the time of first delinquency to pay all dues owed.

Cost to reinstate: ($25 for each month delinquent up to 8 months) + ($35 reinstatement fee)

If the delinquency is paid within the 8-month window; the member will receive service credit for the delinquent period, and the account will be placed back Active.

If the Delinquency is not paid within the 8-month window, and the member is not vested; all accumulated service will be lost. The member has the option to rejoin the fund immediately by forfeiting dues contributed or take a 95% Refund of Dues and rejoin after 6 months.

It is the member's responsibility to see that dues are paid; regardless of the dues payment method.

Account delinquency does not exclude members on Payroll Deduction or Automatic Withdrawal.