Dues Payment Options

We offer several methods for payment of dues for members' convenience:

1) Payment by Personal Check or Money Order: You may mail payments of $20.00 monthly, $60.00 quarterly, $120.00 semi-annually or $240.00 annually.  For accuracy in posting, please include membership number or social security number on check or money order. 

(2) Payroll Deduction: Many employers (state, city, and county) offer payroll deduction for their employees. If your employer is one of the agencies that offers this option, complete the bottom of the form (see "How Do I Start Payroll Deduction With My Agency")and turn it in to your Payroll Department to begin deductions from your paycheck.

(3) Automatic Withdrawals from your Bank Account: We offer automatic payment of dues by bank draft. With your signed authorization form $20.00 will automatically be deducted from your bank account (checking or savings) on the 10th of each month for payment of dues.  Please download the authorization form below and mail to our office.

Remember, we do not send out statements - you must keep up with the time schedule when your payments are due or you may become delinquent.