Derek Lyman currently serves as the Director of Criminal Investigations at the Office of the Commissioner of Insurance and Safety Fire. He graduated with a bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice from the University of Georgia in 1992. In February 2023, he completed the Chief Executive Training Class of the Georgia Association of Chiefs of Police.

Lyman started his career in law enforcement with the City of Atlanta Police Department in 1992. He then joined the U.S. Secret Service in June 1996 and served for over 22 years. During his time in the Atlanta Field Office, Lyman investigated counterfeit currency and financial crimes. He also served as a member of the Nigerian (fraud) Task Force and the Protective Operations Squad. In 2000, he began serving in Washington, D.C., with the Presidential Protective Detail and Counter Assault Team Program. Later, he returned to Georgia to serve as a Senior Special Agent in the Macon, GA/Atlanta Field Office. Lyman oversaw 18 central Georgia counties, and was solely responsible for conducting all federal investigations associated with the USSS. He worked closely with state and local law enforcement agencies represented in this district.

In 2018, Derek Lyman took on a new role as the Compliance Inspector for the Georgia Lotter Corporation. In August 2022, he joined the Office of Commissioner of Insurance and Fire Safety as the Director of the Criminal Investigations Division.