Request A Refund Of Dues

Refund of Contributions - At any time before a member begins drawing retirement benefits, he may withdraw his membership and by request receive 95% refund of all dues paid into the Fund. Any interest or penalties paid are not refundable.

Refund of Overpayment - If a circumstance has occurred that resulted in an overpayment of dues in a member's account, they may, upon request, receive 100% of the overpayment.

Reinstatement after taking a Refund - If a member requests a refund of contributions during a break in service and reinstates to active within the required 8 months after re-employment, he is required to repay the refund with interest in order to reclaim his prior accumulated service credit.

To request a refund please complete these steps:

Step 1) Download The Refund Request Form (below), complete and have notarized.

a) If you are currently employed as a Peace Officer, the top portion should be signed. Your current employer must complete the “Certification by Employing Agency” form (see #2) with the phrase “still employed” written on question #11 instead of a termination date. Once refunded, the former membership cannot be reconsidered for at least 6 months and any service credit accrued during the previous membership is forfeited.

b) If you are NOT currently employed as a Peace Officer, the lower portion should be signed. Your former employer must complete the “Certification by Employing Agency” form (see #2) verifying the date of your termination.

NOTE: Should the member return to law enforcement, re-application for membership in the Fund must occur within 8 months of re-employment in order to repay the refund (with interest), thereby re-claiming prior service. Otherwise, the member may re-apply at any time, but previous service is forfeited.

Step 2) The Certification By Employing Agency Form (download below) must be completed and signed by an authorized representative of your personnel department and notarized. (See #1 for details if no longer employed.)

Refunds will be processed upon receipt of the above requirements (approximately 7 to 10 business days).