Georgia Sheriffs' Association

The Georgia Sheriffs' Association is comprised of 159 elected sheriffs and over 45,000 active honorary members. The purpose of the Association is to promote and improve law enforcement in Georgia, to provide training and education for sheriffs, deputy sheriffs and others and to maintain an active voice in  the Georgia General Assembly on matters relating to public safety, law enforcement and Georgia's criminal and juvenile justice systems.

Since the creation of GSA in 1957, the state of Georgia has stood at the forefront on matters relating to the professionalism of the Office of Sheriff. In fact, Georgia was one of the first states to mandate qualifications for those seeking the office of sheriff, the first state to mandate in-service training, and the first state to conduct specialized training for newly elected sheriffs.

The Association conducts three training conferences annually. In addition to training for the sheriffs, the Association offers training for other sheriffs' employees and sheriffs' chaplains.

The Sheriffs of Georgia are also very proud to sponsor the Georgia Sheriffs' Youth Homes which provide full-time residential care for up to 130 of Georgia's dependent, abused, abandoned and neglected children at one of four campuses located in Hahira, Dalton, LaGrange and Swainsboro.

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