The following include the questions and responses to our most Frequently Asked Questions. As always, if you have further questions or concerns, please Contact Our Office.

Joining the Fund - FAQs

  • How can I become a member?

    Membership Application packages are available below. Please select the application package that most applies to you.

    Each package includes an Information sheet, the Application, and an Employment Verification Form.

    Mail completed, signed, and notarized forms with your $50.00 Application Fee. You may pay by submitting an Download this pdf file. Automatic Withdrawal Authorization form -OR- a check or money order. Please make all checks or money orders payable to the POAB Fund. Send these documents to 1208 Greenbelt Drive, Griffin, GA 30224.

    Check out Join the Fund for a more in depth look into the process.

    Download this pdf file. Application - General Law Enforcement

    Download this pdf file. Application - Department of Corrections Officers



  • I am a jailer. Which application should I fill out?

    Please use the general  Download this pdf file. POAB Application .

  • What are the requirements of joining the Fund?

    The Fund offers membership to P.O.S.T. certified Law Enforcement Officers. They must be employed by the State of Georgia or any of its political subdivisions: whether by election or appointment. They must devote their full time to such employment (at least 37 hours per week).

    See Eligible Positions for more details.

Membership - FAQs

  • I changed agencies -OR- I am no longer in Law Enforcement. What do I need to do?

    Members should ALWAYS inform the Fund of Employment Changes. Please print out the Certification by Employing Agency form. If you left one agency and began employment with another, our office requires two forms (one from each agency). Please have them separately completed by your previous and current agency. 

    Please select the form that best applies to the position for which you were(are) employed:

    Forms should be notarized and returned to the following address to keep your service credit current. You may submit this form by using the following methods:

    • Email: [email protected]
    • Fax: 770-412-1236
    • Mail: 1208 Greenbelt Drive, Griffin, GA 30224
  • How do I view my account? Check my balance? Find my Member Number? Check my Service? See my beneficiary?

    Our Membership Portal allows our Active, Vested, and Retired Members to view their account information online!   First-time users will need to register with a personal email address.


  • Can I buy back prior service? When can I buy? How much will it cost? How do I request this?

    Members are eligible to purchase up to 5 years of service after accruing 5 years of creditable service. To learn more, head over to our Purchase Prior Service Page.

  • Does my prior service count toward vesting?

    Purchased prior service DOES NOT count toward vesting. It adds to your creditable service once you are vested. 

  • When am I eligible to receive my benefits? How long until I'm vested?

    A POAB member may receive benefits after they are considered VESTED and ELIGIBLE for retirement. Learn more on our Vesting Requirements page.

  • I didn't meet the Vesting Requirements. Now what?
    • Request a Leave of Absence with the Fund for up to 12 months.

    • If you think you may return to an Eligible Position, you may freeze your account. You will not gain any service record and will not have to pay monthly dues. Upon return to an Eligible Position, you must notify the Fund.

    • If you do not plan to return to an Eligible Position, you may Request a Refund. The Fund offers a 95% refund of required dues paid into your account. Anything overpaid is refunded at 100%.

  • How do I apply for a Leave of Absence?

    Members who are not yet vested may apply for a Leave of Absence. The member must notify the Fund within 90 days of leaving Law Enforcement. They must also notify the Fund again within 30 days of returning to Law Enforcement. Learn more on the Leave of Absence Page.

  • I am going on military duty. What do I need to do with my account?

    The Fund offers creditable leave to active members called to military service at no cost. Creditable Active Duty Military service cannot exceed five years. The Fund requires documentation of such service. Please review the Military Service requirements.

  • I moved. How do I update my contact information?

    Active and Vested members may update their contact information by logging into our Member Portal -OR- they may Contact the Fund Office

    It is very important to keep your POAB Account up to date.

Dues - FAQs

  • How much are the monthly dues payments? When are they due?

    Dues payments are $25.00 per month and are due on the 10th of each month. Be sure you are aware of the Dues Requirements. Failure to promptly pay these dues could lead to loss of creditable service.

    Remember, we do not send out billing statements. Dues payments are required by the 10th of each month. The member is responsible for paying their dues on time.

    If you receive a notice from the Fund office, you are BEHIND in paying your dues.

  • How do I pay my dues?

    We offer several Dues Payment Options for members' convenience:

    1) Automatic Withdrawals from your Bank Account

    (2) Payroll Deduction

    (3) Payment by Personal Check or Money Order

    Remember, we do not send out billing statements. Dues payments are required by the 10th of each month. The member is responsible for paying their dues on time.

    If you receive a notice from the Fund office, you are BEHIND in paying your dues.

  • How do I get a Refund? How much will it be?

    Active members of the Fund may Request a Refund of Dues at any time. The Fund offers a 95% refund of required dues paid into your account. The Fund returns anything overpaid at 100%. Any interest or penalties paid are not refundable. Once a member retires, they are not eligible to request a refund.

    Members who overpay their dues may Request an Overpayment Refund. Overpayment Refund do not cancel your membership.

    The Fund will issue overpayment refunds to retirees. The Fund will issue the refund approximately 30 days after the first pension payment.

    Please visit the Request a Refund of Dues page for more information and the required forms.

  • I am on payroll deduction. Why have I received a late notice from your office?

    It is the member's responsibility to see that dues are paid; regardless of the dues payment method. Account delinquency does not exclude members on Payroll Deduction or Automatic Withdrawal.

    We highly suggest you contact your Payroll Department.

    If you like, we are happy to speak with you about the status of your account.

    Contact the Fund


  • I am an active member on ACH and have changed bank accounts. How do I update that?

Retirement Benefits - FAQs 

  • When am I eligible to receive my benefits?

    There are three ways to be eligible to draw your pension:

    • Member meets Vesting Requirements, is at least 55 years old, and out of law enforcement.

    • Member has 30 years of creditable service with the POAB Fund, and is at least 55 years old. These members may draw a pension and continue working in law enforcement full time. Member must have joined before July 1, 2009 (and has not rejoined at any point after).

    • Member has 30 years of creditable service with POAB and left Eligible Positions. These members may draw before turning 55.

  • How do I calculate what my monthly benefits will be?

    The Pension Benefit is calculated by multiplying your creditable service (full months and years) by the current base rate.

    Learn more about the Pension Benefit.

  • Can I receive disability benefits?

    Disability Retirement Benefits is available only to members that joined prior to July 1, 1993. Eligible members must apply within 12 months of becoming totally and permanently disabled

  • I am about to retire. What should I do?

    Eligible members that meet Vesting Requirements should request their Retirement Package. You can do so by Contacting the Fund -OR- Submitting an Online Pension Request Form.

    Members who do not meet Eligibility or Vesting Requirements should submit the form that best applies to them:

    Download this pdf file. Certification by Employing Agency Form - General

    Download this pdf file. Certification by Employing Agency Form - DOC


  • I'm already retired, and I need to update my account. What do I do?

    It is the member’s responsibility to inform the Fund office of any changes.

    To update your tax withholdings, submit a Download this pdf file. Tax Withholding Declaration Form.

    To update your direct deposit information, submit a  Download this pdf file. Direct Deposit Form . Because we care about your security, our office will call to confirm all direct deposit change requests.

    To update your contact information, submit a Download this pdf file. Contact Information Form Download this pdf file. .


  • I didn’t receive my 1099-R. How can I get a new one?

    1099-Rs are mailed by our Bank Custodian, State Street Bank, in January to the address that we have on file for you.

    Contact Us to request an additional copy. (The last five years are available should you require them).

  • I am retired but returning to work. What do I need to do?

    There are pension restrictions on Retirees Returning to Law Enforcement. Retirees may work 1040 or fewer hours in a calendar year and still draw retirement benefits. This law is in place for retirees who have not reached 30 years of service with the Fund.

    So that you may better understand your options, please review, complete, and return the Download this pdf file. Retiree Employment Packet .

  • I chose 100% or 50% Joint Life when I retired, and my spouse passed away -OR- we divorced. What options are available to me?

    Members under 100% or 50% Joint Life may revert to the Single Life option in the event of Death or Divorce of Spouse. They will have 6 months from the date of event to submit the required paperwork to the POAB Fund office.

  • On what day are benefits paid?

    Benefits are paid on the last banking day of the month in which they are due. Please note that holidays and weekends can impact the specific timeframe in which payments are deposited. Timing might also differ among various banking institutions.

  • How much should I withhold from my pension for taxes?

    We highly recommend speaking with a tax professional to determine the best solution. Withholdings can be changed after retirement by submitting the Download this pdf file. Income Tax Withholding Declaration Form .

Member Portal - FAQs

  • How do I gain access to my online POAB Account?

    New users must register their online POAB Account to gain access to the POAB Member Portal

    YouTube: Portal Registration Tutorial

  • How do I log into my member portal?

    Logging into the Member Portal is easy. Enter your registered information and be sure to select the red Send Pin and Submit Pin buttons to gain access.

    YouTube: Portal Login Tutorial

  • How do I change my information on the member portal?

    You can update your email, password, phone number, and forgot password question and answer from the Account screen on the POAB Member Portal. Click Account in the blue banner and follow the prompts.

    YouTube: Portal Account Changes

  • How do I use the Retirement Estimator Tool?

    The POAB Member Portal now offers a Retirement Estimator Tool. Active and Vested members can run estimates to better understand their projected retirement.

    Check out our Portal Retirement Estimator Tool Video for a more detailed tutorial.